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What We Do


Elevate your dog's day with our premium dog walking service, where we offer both 30-minute and hour-long walks, as well as the choice between individualized or group walk options. For those considering the benefits of group walks, you'll be delighted to know that it not only extends your dog's time out of the house, including the 30-minute walk and travel time, but also provides invaluable socialization opportunities with other dogs. In addition to these benefits, your furry companion will have the chance to learn leash and dog manners by coexisting and walking in a group setting. To sweeten the deal, all our walks come with plenty of treats and water to keep your pup happy and hydrated. Our experienced and caring professionals are here to ensure your dog gets the exercise and attention they need, leaving you with peace of mind and your pup with a wagging tail. Book a walk today for a happy, healthy, and well-exercised pet!

NEW! Walk & Train! Try our new leash walking training add-on!!

Walking Packages:

  • Half Hour Walk: $27 + tax

  • Hour Walk: $40 + tax

  • Pack Walks: $27 + tax for a 30 minute walk with other pups

    • Benefits include: socialization, out of the house for longer (walk+travel time) and more!

    • Not sure if your pup is a good fit? Contact us!

  • $10 extra for each additional dog

Additional Fees:

Holiday Fee: additional $10

  • New year’s Day (1st)

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Eve Day

  • Christmas Day (25th)

There will be a cancellation fee of $5 for all day of cancellations


Let me know how I can help make your pup the bestest boy or girl!

(518) 708 7849

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